Full Auto30-120Pcs Wet Wipe Production Line (16Lines,Double Stacker)

CD-2000H-16L Full Auto Wet Wipe Production Line is to produce disposable cleansing wipes or baby wet wipes. It is with 8 sets of paper stands with slitting unit into 16 lines, then folding, wetting, cutting in size, counting & stacking, and automatic transfer to packing machine and lid machine. The machine is with auto splicing unit for parent rolls, which reduces the time on material change, and increases the working efficiency. The non-woven joints can be online detected and rejected automatically. Tension control unit and auto web guiding unit are equipped also. All the processes from raw materials to finished product packing are completed on the machine, the production is high-speed and hygienic. Main folding machine and packing machine can be automatic connected or separate to use when special sizes produced, which enables customers to make maximum use of the machine and produce the greatest benefits.

Main features

◎The machine is equipped with 8 sets of parent paper stands,with 1 into 2 online slitting unit, with stand-by paper stand.
◎Each parent roll with auto unwinding unit, non-stop auto splicing unit.
◎Each parent roll with auto web guiding system, reduce the raw material offset.
◎Each parent roll with photoelectric detection sensor for non-woven joints, automatically reject the wasted joints.

Technical Parameter

Electrical voltage:380V/50Hz/ 3phase 4lines (can be customized) Stacking Unit: Double Stacker
Power:60Kw Liquid Tank Size: 2000×1100×1900mm (L×W×H)
Air Source: ≥0.6Mpa Folding Machine Design Speed: 0-8000pcs/min
Gram weight: 30g~80g/m² Folding Machine Stable Speed: 4800-7200pcs/min
Application Materials:Spunlace non-woven fabrics, flushable non-woven fabric Liquid Tank: 1000L× 2 PIECES
Wet wipe unfolding size:(150-230)×(180-220)mm(L×W) Machine Size: 23000×3900×2200mm (L×W×H)
Wet wipe folding size:(150-230)×(90-120)mm(L×W) Machine weight: 15000kg
Wet wipe packing size:(200-280)×(90-120)×(30-90)mm(L×W×H)
Packing Machine Stable Speed: 40-65packs/min (depending on the material of packing film)
Plastic Lid Machine Stable Speed: 75-80 lids/min (depending on the size and shape of lids)
Parent Roll Max Size: Single roll: 440×Φ1200mm(W×D); Double mini roll: 220*2×Φ1200mm(W×D)
Control System: Keyence PLC Motion System + I/O control system
Humidification system: Quantitative wetting (metering pump), double mixing tanks
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