Full Automatic Adult Diaper Production Line

Functions and Character

◎Suitable to produce three sizes(M, L,XL);
◎Frequency motors driven with PLC control and touch screen;
◎Double high speed teeth-like crushers to take with treated and untreated pulp;
◎Double Web-wheel Molding units to make pulp into two layers of cotton core;
◎Automatically detect and reject defective products and trim remove;
◎Phase adjusting during running without stop, convenient to operate machine;
◎Equipped with safety protective door;
◎According to clients' requirement, it is optional to equip:
a.Servo motors driven, higher automaticity and faster speed and more stable;
b.Auto splicing units, to change raw materials without stop machine.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power 350KW (exclude hot melt applicators and air compressor)
Design Speed 200 pcs/min
Stable Production Speed 150pcs/min
Waste Percentage ≤4%( exclude caused by glue applicators failure)
Machine Size 35000×8000×4500mm
Machine Weight 60T
Machine direction left to right
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