Auto Punching And Label Machine For Packing Film

Functions and features

The traditional easy-rip and stick label machine makes the bag first and then manually punch and labeling,which makes efficiency very low. Based on this, CD-100-2 automatic packing film labeling and rewinding machine for packing film was invented to solve these short points. It is a kind of machine which cutting the mouth in the bag making before packaging film, material taking stick adhesive label attached, and then put the film after roll up. Compared to the other machine, CD-100-2 is more advanced equipment, and the production and operation is more convenient.
◎Adopting the servo drive, position is accurate;
◎PLC control system, touch screen interface, easy and quick for setting parameters;
◎Concise transmission, reliable work, convenient maintenance;
◎High photographic magic eye, window punching and labeling's position is accurate;
◎Window Punching and labeling position setting on the touch screen, the operation is simple and commodious;
◎Adapting magnetic powder putting volumes, automatic web guiding, magnetic powder control rewinder, ensure rewinding tightness reasonable,and the finished products tidy.

Technical Parameter

Electrical source 380V 50HZ
Total power 2KW
Production speed 15 m/min
Maximum width of packaging film Φ600×(600~900) mm(custom-made size is acceptable)
Length of pattern on packing film 120~400 mm
Machine size 2600×1270×1650 mm(L×W×H)
Weight of machine 1000kg
The shape of punching knife is changeable.(Making option)
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