Full Auto Toilet Paper Production Line

Functions and features

This production line consists of Automatic Rewinding Machine , Log Accumulator, Double Channel Log Saw and Semi-automatic Packing Machine. It converts the jumbo roll into the finished rollers. The whole line work smoothly and run stable, saving the labor cost and reducing the labor strength, it's best choice for the producing hygienic paper products.
◎This machine structure is wall-type, which make machine running stable at high speed, and noiseless;
◎Perforation distance is adjustable to meet different distance needs;
◎Automatic core feeding system, automatic pushing the log after rewinding, then rewinding the new log again;
◎Automatic edge-trimming, glue spraying and sealing synchronously in one time. Leaving 10-18mm tail, easy to rewind again, so reducing shortcut waste and save the cost;
◎Adopts international advanced PLC programmable controlling technique, man-machine interface operation, data set and parametric fault shows on touch screen;
◎Adopts 4 pieces high Precision spiral knives, low noise, clear perforation, adopt gearbox to have bigger range;
◎Two wall type back stands, pneumatic lifting system, with wide driving flat belts; each jumbo roll can be adjusted independently;
◎Adopt jogging switches for wearing the paper, easy and safe to operate.

Technical Parameter

Power Source :380V 50HZ Main Power :14KW
Jumbo Roll Max Width : 2800mm (Other size can be specified) Finished Product Diameter :Φ80~φ140mm
Jumbo Roll Diameter : φ1100mm (Other size can be specified) Finished Product Core Diameter : φ38~φ76mm
Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter : 3inches(76.2mm) (Other size can be specified) Production Speed : 150~230m/min
Perforation Distance : 4 anvil Blades(115mm)(Other size can be specified) Unwind Stands : 1 or 3 Stands (Need to be specified)
Pneumatic System : 3HP Air Compressor, Minimum Pressure: 5kg/cm 2Pa (Provide by user) Dimension : 7000*4000*1900(L*W*H)
Jumbo Roll Layers : 1 or 3 Stands(Need to can be specified) Weight : About 7 T
Edge Embossing (can be specified) : Steel to steel (Pneumatic Control)  
Full Embossing unit (can be specified): This machine with one set steel to rubber embossing unt (Can order two sets embossing unit)

Log Accumulator Technical Parameter

Log Width : 1750~2800mm(Other size can be specified) Log Diameter : Φ95~Φ140mm
Log Standings : 150-160Logs Accumulate speed : 20 logs/min
Log Qty : 40-160logs(need to be ordered) Dimensions : 4000*3000*5500mm

Double Channels Log Saw Technical Parameter

Power Source : 380V 50HZ Power :11KW
Jumbo Roll Max Width: 1750~2800mm (Other size can be specified) Design Speed : 150Cuts/min
Jumbo Roll Diameter : Φ105~φ115mm(Other size can be specified) Stable Speed : 100Cuts/min
Blade Diameter : φ610*4.7(mm) Weight :About 4.5
Grinding System : Pneumatic Sharpen, grinding time can be set
Dimension : 6500*2500*2000mm(Other size depends on model and configuration)

Semi Automatic Multiple Rolls Packing Machine Technical Parameter

Power Source: 220V 50Hz Power :2KW
Speed : 3-5pack/min Air supply : 0.6 MPA(supplied by client)
Roll size : Customizable Dimension : 7000*1300*1400 mm
Packing way : 4*6 Two layers, four lines, 4*6=24 rolls in each layer 48 rolls in total
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