Full Automatic Trimming, Sealing, Embossing and Perforating Rewinder

Functions and features

Full Automatic Trimming, Sealing, Embossing and Perforating Rewinder adopt advanced PLC technology, variable speed adjustment, electronic braking, and touch button multimenu type LCD screen operation control panel. Also the machine is newly added coreless roller shaped rewinding system. It's adopt PLC wind pipe-shaped new technology. It's no need to put core or stainless steel pipe. It's full upgrade the whole machine.
◎Automatic paper tube replacement device, do not need artificial wear paper tube, and then finish rewinding and sent out the finished product, immediately letters for rewinding, can adjust at will within 1 minute any kind of paper tube specifications;
◎Automatic trimming, spray adhesive and sealing a complete synchronization, finished with 10 to 18 mm paper tail, convenient opening, reduce the wastage of the ordinary paper rewinding mechanism make the tail, and thus reduce the product cost;
◎With advanced PLC programming techniques. Fault screen display,man-machine interaction parameters;
◎High precision screw soft knife, 3 knife punching low noise, punch more clear, gearbox the adjusting range is large;
◎Three layers of horizontal paper back frame, pneumatic on paper, pneumatic wide belt to send paper, each roll of base paper wereindependent adjustment device;
◎Embossing device, adopts point-to-point double embossing system, make the finished product two-sided effect, soft, the embossing is clear and beautiful.

Technical Parameter

Power : Variable frequency speed control, 9KW(380V 50HZ) Finished Roll Core Diameter : Φ 32~50 mm
Pneumatic System : 3 HP air compressor, mini pressure 5kg/cm2 Pa(Provided by client) Perforating Pitch : 90~160mm (Pneumatically separating unit-Optional)
Raw Material Diameter : ≤Φ 1100 mm (Other sizes are available ) Raw Material Core Diameter : "3"(76.2 mm) (Other sizes are available )
Finished Roll Diameter : Φ60~150 mm (adjustable) Punching distance : 10 to 15 mm
Speed : 180~200 meters/min Processing capacity : 0~160 m/min
Parameter Setting : Touch button LCD Screen operation panel Embossing Roller : Two sets of Steel to rubber
Programme Controller : Delta Programmable Controller(other brand optional) Mechanism Driving : Stepless gear box, insure the precision of finished product length
Unwinding Paper Stand : 1~3 ply Weight :6800k
Machine Size : 6200×4200×1800mm(L×W×H)  
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