Automatic toilet paper bundle packing machine

Main features

◎The equipment is flexible and can meet the requirements of automatic paper bags with core paper, coreless paper, individually packaged/non-independently packaged, single toilet roll paper with a height range of 90-160mm;
◎Feeding, suction bag, pull bag, send bag, and into bag are all controlled by servo drive, which has high running accuracy, simple operation and convenient maintenance;
◎If there is a problem in the packaging bag, it will using the automatic exclusion function from failing when it fails to open the bag, ensure zero loss of the bag, completely protect parts and protect the product, increase production efficiency, and reduce user cost;
◎Packing tightness can be directly operated on the touch screen without manual mechanical adjustment;
◎The shortest scrap can be reduced by at least 4mm, saving the cost for the user;
◎Use negative pressure workstation mode to reduce gas consumption and reduce user cost;
◎The temperature control adopts instant heating and AC control mode, which can meet the requirement of sealing, greatly improve the adaptability of the packaging film and reduce the user's cost;
◎The stable production speed of the equipment can reach 22 bags/min.

Technical Parameter

Power supply 380V 50HZ
Power 14KW
Design speed 30bags/min (Depends on the product specification)
Stable speed 20bags/min (Depends on the product specification)
Packing film Install Suspension Type Bilateral symmetry dual bags
Bag storage quantity range ≤300 pieces over the range can be customized
Bag specifications size range ≤850×280×125mm (L×W×H) over the range can be customized
Single grain alignment specifications 2×3/2×4/2×5/2×6 (need Specified) Roll diameter:90mm~125mm
Packing film type PE film
Air pressure Preasure≥0.6 MPA/ Flow≥60 L/m Buyer prepares Air compressor
Equipment feeding way ASF type Fully automatic dual channel intelligent feeder system
Machine size 6350×2160×1750 mm (L×W×H)
Machine weight 2100KG
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