Full Auto Toilet Paper Single Roll Packing Machine

Main features

◎CDH-90 single-web automatic packaging machine is suitable for fully automatic packaging of single-core cored roll toilet paper, single coreless roll toilet paper, and single roll kitchen paper;
◎The operation of paper towel feeding, film feeding, vertical sealing, cutting, coreless paper discharging and reversing adopts servo drive control mode. It has complete operation function configuration, high use efficiency, simple operation, wide range of specifications, The advantages of rapid conversion, easy maintenance and low cost of use;
◎Electronic setting allows you to freely change the package size from 80mm to 195mm.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply :380V 50HZ Total power :12 KW
Motor Power :3.2KW Packing speed(roll/min) :20-200rolls/min
Maximum production speed(roll/min): 200rolls/min Film roller maxi width :430mm
Tissue specification : 80-195 *φ80-125mm(L*D) Cutting blade : double blade
Packing film structure : Double roller Equipment noise (db) : ≤78DB
Production rate : ≥97% Raw material of film : BOPP、SPP、CPP
Film Thickness : 0.018-0.03mm Machine net weight : 1800KG
Machine size : 5500×3300×1600mm(L*W*H)  
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