Lamination V Fold Towel Folding Machine

Main features

◎ Automatic counting sub-bit row of output, speed adjusted by inverter;
◎ Screw shear knives, Vacuum adsorption fold, web tension control by manual;
◎ Variable speed unwinding, can be adapted to different tension of raw paper;
◎ Electronically and pneumatically controlled, easy to operate;
◎ Pneumatic parent roll loading system;
◎ The unwinding belt is adjusted pneumatically, when the parent paper is used up, machine will slow down to stop;
◎ All the pneumatic device's air pressure are adjustable;
◎ Paper Broken or winding can affect the automatic stop function;
◎ Glue unit for lamination;
◎ Product width with adjustable range is to facilitate marketing.

Technical Parameter

Power supply : 380V 50Hz 3Phase Power : 5.5kw
Parent roll Basis weight : 15~19gsm Max. parent roll width :840mm
Max. parent roll diameter : Standard φ1100mm (can be customized) Programming controller : PLC
Quantity of unwind stand : 4 stands (Four parent roll shafts; each two at front and back, convenient for glue compound)
Parent roll inner core dia : Standardφ3”(76.2mm) (can be customized) Machine Weight : 5.5T
Operation speed : (60~100m/min)×4 or 800 sheet/min×4 Unfolded Size : 200×(130~210)mm(L×W)
Folded Size : 100×(130~210)mm(L×W) Equipped with vacuum pump: 15 KW(380v 50hz)
Embossing unit : Four sets steel to rubber (steel to steel, steel to wool, can be customized)
Machine Size : 9000×2000×1900mm(L×W×H) Mechanical driven by Stepless gear box
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