Drawing Type Facial Tissue Machine

Main features

As customers' demand, the following system is optional;
Embossing system, let the picture look nice;
Two color printing system, let the pattern colorful.
◎Count automatically and output in order.
◎Adopt helix cutter, and Vacuum adsorption folding.
◎Adopt steeples adjusting speed to unwind which may fix different tension of raw papers.
◎Electric control and gas system. It is more easily to operate.
◎The width of tissue can be adjusted, that will be convenient for customers to sell.

Technical Parameter

Production speed (60~100m/min)×4
Unfolded Production size 180×(130~210)mm( L×W) (width can be changeable)
Folded production size 90×(130~210)mm( L×W) (width can be changeable)
Electric power 4KW
Vacuum 11KW (380V, 50HZ)
Weight 3500kg
Machine size 5100×1800×2100mm ( L×W×H)
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