Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Main features

Suitable for packing rectangular and square objects, such as non-highly tight tissue, square tissue, napkins, ect.
◎Adopting packing way by wrapping, folding and sealing with compact structure, it makes the package look beautiful and the seal tightened;
◎Controlled by stepless speed regulation, touch screen and PLC, the display on the human-machine interface makes maintenance more simply;
◎Applied with auto-arranging feeding conveyor, it is convenient to connect the conveyor with automatic production line, saving the labor cost to the maximum;
◎It saves much packing material by means of photocell checking, servo tracking, and auto-stop of film feeding without product;
◎High automation, high profession, high efficiency and less trouble;
◎With wide packing size range, various packing sizes can be quickly interchanged;
◎The easy tear is made by pneumatic and roll cutting ways. It is applied with stepless speed motor and servo motor as the control system.

Technical Parameter

Power supply : 380V/50HZ Power : 10KW mechanical speed: ≤ 80 bags/min Packing raw material : CPP film
Max. stable operation speed : 65 bags/min Film Thickness : 0.04mm-0.055mm
Tissue Sizes : (120-210)*(90-105)*(40-100)mm (L*W*H) Max film diameter : 400mm
Film core diameter : 76mm Max film width : 340mm
Air pressure : Minimum air pressure 5MPA Packing way : Three-dimensional wrapping
Machine size : 4600 *3620 *1770 mm(L*W*H) Machine weight : About 3000 KG
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