Automatic Box Packing Machine

Main features

◎The automatic feeding, open box, into the box, batch number embossed (optional), spray glue, seal boxes, and other forms of packaging, compact structure and reasonable, easy operation;
◎Adopt servo motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, man-machine interface display more clear and simple operation, high degree of automation, more human;
◎Uses the automatic conveying mechanism, convenient and automatic production line linkage production, can be a lot of lower labor costs;
◎With automatic detection, adopting photoelectric tracking system, not down box if empty bags, utmost ground saves packaging materials;
◎Wider range of packaging, convenient adjustment, which can realize fast conversion between all kinds of size;
◎Change the specifications without the need to change mould, It can be achieved by adjusting or replacing individual parts;
◎The goods into the box does not reach the designated position automatic stop and main drive motor overload protection device, is more safe and reliable.
Apply to facial tissue, napkins, towel, handkerchief paper, sanitary napkin,Cotton towel automatically into the box etc.

The five major innovation of this machine

◎High production capacity, stable speed up to 80 boxes / minute;
◎With complete functions , half cover / full cove or paper high than box / paper lower box higher;
◎Change production quickly, change specifications only takes 10-20 minutes;
◎The operation, servo control paper feeding, PLC control system easy to grasp;
◎Low cost, the use of imported glue applicator machine 0.3mm-0.36mm nozzle glue less;

Technical Parameter

power Supply 380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire
Power 12KW
Box Paper requirements 300-400 gram weight
Packing Range (110-240)×(110-120)×(30-90)MM (L×W×H)
Packing Speed 30-80 boxes/min
Machine noise ≦80dB ◎Air Source:0.5-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 120-160L/min
Main Machine 3250mm×1650mm×1800mm(L×W×H)
Conveying mechanism 2000X 660×1200mm(L×W×H)
Machine Weight 2000kg
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