Automatic In Box Sealing Machine

Main features

CDH-236 automatic sealing machine is the auxiliary equipment for the box-packing tissue machine. The machine is used to seal and glue all kinds of packing paper boxes. This machine adopts PLC programming, automatically paper feeding, automatically opening box and inserting paper . Whole process is automatic, stable performance, simple operation, high efficiency, seal box of quality and beautiful, box-drawing face tissue machine's preferred equipment.

Technical Parameter

Suitable box size (100~240)mm × (100~120)mm × (50~110)mm(can be adjusted)
The quality of box 350~400g / m²
Suitable adhesive hot-melting glue.
Melting container aluminum stove, adjustable temperature
Control system electromagnetic clutch paper feeding, PLC program control
Production speed 14~18 boxes/min
Installed power AC 380V 50HZ 0.75KW(motor) 2.4KW(heating)
Machine size 2690×1800×1770mm(L×W×H)
Air pressure 0.6Mpa(need absolute stable ,prepared by the purchaser)
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