High Speed Double Layer Napkin Machine

Main features

Two-color Printing Napkin Folding Machine is to print and emboss on the jumbo roll, and then slit and fold into square and rectangle napkin. Its embossment is clear and bright, printing is accurate, and running is high speed and stable. This machine is specialized to process and produce high quality napkin products.
◎Driven with Synchronous belt;
◎Color printing unit is with flexible printing, the design can be changed easily according to needs;
◎Equipped with Embossing unit, making clear design;
◎Electronic counting system to make displacement output;
◎Folding board is matched with mechanical hands to fold,and then slit by band saw;
◎Can be customized according to different sizes.

Technical Parameter

Power Supply : 380V 50Hz
Power : 4.5KW
Napkin Unfold Size : 300×300mm(can be customized) Napkin Folded Size : 150×150mm
Raw Paper Roll Max Diameter :1100mm Embossing Unit : Steel to Wool
Raw Paper Core Inner Diameter: 76mm Counting Unit : Electronic Counting
Production Speed : 700~1000pcs/min Machine Size : 8600×1300×1800 mm
Printing Method : Flexible Printing, 1~2 colors Machine Weight : 2000~4000kg
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