Full Auto Mini Pocket Tissue Production Line

The flowing chat of machine

CDH-210F Full Auto Mini pocket tissue machine, it is a type of machine adopts vacuum adsorb and high-speed to fold the paper. Adopting step-less adjusting speed, and it is running smoothly. It is special equipment for 4 folding facial tissue machine. This machine composed of raw paper stand, embossing unit, vertical folding unit , cutting and horizontal folding unit, It runs a whole set of rolling to fix difference tension of raw paper, embossed, vertical folding, pushing the paper, cutting the paper, horizontal folding paper and finished products transfer.
Raw material→width guilding→Embossing→Folding→cutting→V folding→counting--transfer to packing machine →packing→final product output.

Technical Parameter

Electric power of machine: 380V 50/60HZ 3 phase
Total power of machine :18KW
Raw material size : Max Dia1200mm Number pcs per pile :10
Machine speed : 500~600pcs/ min Packing speed : 25~90 packs/min
Unfolding size : 200×200mm, 210×210mm (L×W) Folding size : 50×100mm, 52×105mm (L×W)
Packing size : (70~110)×(50~55)×(18~28)mm(L×W×H) Air pressure : ≥0.5Mpa
Machine size : 5500×4500×1750mm (L×W×H)  
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