Automatic Pocket Tissue Packing Machine

Main features

Applicable Scope:It is suitable for packing regular objects, such as standard pocket tissue, mini-type handkerchief, etc.
◎High speed, stable performance, easy operation.
◎The machine is controlled by PLC, big touch screen and stepping motor.
◎High-precision Omron photocell tracking system.
◎The drive system is controlled by advanced frequency conversions.The cycle orientations are controlled by precise plane dividing case.
◎Adopting automatic oil circulation lubrication system, which can greatly extend the service life.
◎It is applied with special anti-static technology, making the performance more stable.
◎Applied with intelligent temperature controllers, the temperature can be freely controlled.
◎Easy tear is made by means of simultaneously punching on the packing film. Different automatic perforating units can be equipped at user's different demand.
◎The printer can be equipped on the machine to automatically print the manufacture date and production batch numbers. Characters can be freely adjusted to the optimized position.
◎The easy tear adhesive sticker can be automatically done, reducing much labor cost.

Technical Parameter

Power supply type
380V ,50HZ
Packing size (70~110)×(50~55)×(18~28)mm (L×W×H)
Packing film width Subject to tissue sizes
Packing speed 25~90 packs/min
Air pressure ≥0.5Mpa
Packing material CPP Film
Outer dimensions 2940×2650×1720mm(L×W×H)
Machine weight 1600kg
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