Folding Towel Machine

Main features

Three folded hand towel machine cutting the slitting hand towels through embossed, interaction fold into "N" type, When using the first piece comes out with the second piece. The products are widely used in hotel, office and kitchen for hands, convenient and health. The machine base paper applicability, folding, cutting, counting multi-channel working procedure, is characterized by a high speed, the paper neatly.
◎Steel to steel embossing, pneumatic compression;
◎It adapts the vacuum adsorption new technology;
◎Pneumatic pot slitting and convenience to pull throught machine;
◎It has more correct and low noise timing belt driving;
◎Optional programmable controller (Order).

Technical Parameter

Electric power 15KW
Pneumatic system 3 air compressor, pressure at least 5 kg/cm2pa
The width of jumbo roll 690mm
The maximum diameter of jumbo roll 1100mm
Unfolding final production 230×230mm
Production speed 800 pcs/min
Machine size 4000×1800×1900mm
Weight 3000kg
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