Semi Auto Tissue Packing Machine

Main features

◎The machine can link to front-end directly, achieve continuous packaging;
◎Bagging sealing once completed. Improve work efficiency, reduce the production cost;
◎This machine simple operation, low demand for operating workers;
◎Replace artificial operation, Product appearance more norms;
◎The machine adopts brand PLC computer programming control, control accurate positioning; Operating parameters settings changes convenient;
◎This machine control parts is imported high quality components, the rest parts is our national quality standard parts, machine performance is stable and reliable.

Working flow

◎Put paper on the conveyor;
◎Automatically take the bundle of paper to front of push cylinder;
◎Put packing bag insert discharge hole, start jog switch;
◎Pneumatic push paper into bag, then sealing and cutting meanwhile.

Technical Parameter

Total power 0.4KW
Packaging speed 10~15 package/minutes
Power voltage 220V,50HZ
Air pressure 0.4~0.8MPA(client self-provided)
Packing size (100~200)×(100~200)×(40~120)mm
Machine size 2500×900×1300mm
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