Full Automatic 30-120 Piecespack Wet Wipe Machine Line ( 2 Packing Machine )

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Functions and features

CD-2000H-20L Automatic wet wipe machine is directly slitting the raw material, folding, wetting, cut in size, auto send the wipe to packing machine. This machine with automatic splicing raw materials device , also with tension control and automatic deviation-rectifying device. The whole process from raw material to final product is in one machine, production speed is high and sanitary.
◎This machine adopts 20 pieces independent control jumbo rolls;
◎ Each raw materials independent unwind, non-stop automatic material splicing system;
◎ Each roll raw materials, automatic web guiding system, reduce the raw material offset;
◎ Each raw materials with Photoelectric detection connector;automatically rejecting joint system;
◎ Double row channel input double finished product packaging machine, improve production efficiency.

Technical Parameter

Electrical voltage :380V,50HZ Power :75KW
Application Materials : non-woven fabrics Gram weight : 35-80g/m²
Wet wipe unfolding size : (150-230)×(150-250)mm(L×W) Paper stand : 20 Lanes
Wet wipe folding size : (150-230)×(90-120)mm(L×W) Tank : 800L×2
Wet wipe packing size : (180-300)×(90-120)×(30-90)mm(L×W×H) Production sheets : 5000-8000 pieces/min
Machine speed : 60-100 bags/min(two packing machine total counting bags) Humidification agitating system : Double agitating
Parent roll size (raw material reel) : (180-250)×Φ(800-1100)mm(W×D) Slitting system : rolling-cut type
Humidification system : separately adding liquid,dosing Machine size : 28500×9500×2200mm(L×W×H)
Packing machine : New smooth reciprocating packing machine. Machine weight : 20000kg
Horizontal sealing and customizable plane mouth  
Equipment placement : straight or folding machine and packing machine joint can be 180 degree turn.
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