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Sany Heavy Machinery Service Wanlixing Linyi Thanksgiving Evening Party
Date: 2011-08-05    Hit: 9347    Burst: 
On the evening of July 31, 2011, Sany Heavy Machinery "Starting China, Winning in Sany" Service Wanlihang Shandong Linyi Station Thanksgiving Evening was held in Linyi Phoenix Square. Deputy General Manager of Sany Heavy Machinery, Yuan Yue, Executive Deputy General Manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Marketing Co., Ltd., Wang Jiangang, Chairman and General Manager of Shan Dongya Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and Rizhao, Linyi, Zibo, Laiwu, Tai'an, Liaocheng, Shandong, More than a thousand customers from 7 regions including Texas participated in the party. A reporter from China Construction Machinery Business Network was invited to attend and reported on the event.

Deputy General Manager of Sany Heavy Machinery and Executive Deputy General Manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Marketing Co., Ltd. Yuan Yue delivered a speech
During the event, Yuan Yue revealed that from January to June this year, the sales volume of Sany Excavator exceeded 13,600 units, which exceeded the sales level of last year. The goal of Sany is to achieve the nation's first sales volume this year, and to contribute a world-class engineering machinery brand to China within five years, changing the world's perception of Chinese manufacturing.
This year, Sany sent 2,200 experienced service engineers and 1,300 well-equipped service vehicles, which lasted more than three months and provided comprehensive maintenance and maintenance for nearly 30,000 Sany excavators nationwide. In the inspection activities of six areas in Shandong, a total of 150 service engineers and more than 40 service vehicles were dispatched, and more than 1,000 Sany excavators in the area were carefully maintained and inspected. Trinity will do a good job and will create value for customers as the highest demand.

Speech by Wang Jiangang, Chairman and General Manager of Shandong Yahua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
In his speech, Wang Jiangang said that Shan East Asia has upgraded its service capacity building to the highest strategy for corporate development. This year, Shan East Asia has dispatched more than 90 experienced service engineers and 28 well-equipped service vehicles. It took more than two months and invested nearly 300,000 yuan to carry out comprehensive medical examinations for more than 500 excavators in the Asia-Pacific region. Maintenance, targeted customer problems. 
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